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Power Program / Competitive: Jr 1-3 / Int 1-3 / Sr & Adv


Al Gilbert technique is taught. The instructor will take the students through the fundamental steps and reinforce each movement through practice and repetition. Half the class is syllabus work, while the remaining time is spent on progressional steps acro        ss the floor and a combination at the end.

(Al Gilbert syllabus.)

We have made a few changes to the tap program, to make it easier for people to understand the tap levels.
We will do in house assessments to evaluate students and recommend appropriate level registration.
Students will be required to do tap technique in order to do tap choreography. Some of the younger grades have technique and choreo combined in the same class.
1. PRIMARY TAP (students new to tap, under the age of 6)
2. JUNIOR 1 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 2)
3. JUNIOR 2 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 3 – 1st year)
4. JUNIOR 3 TAP (AL Gilbert Grade 3 – 2nd year)
5. INTERMEDIATE 1 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 4 – 1st year)
6. INTERMEDIATE 2 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 4 – 2nd year)
7. INTERMEDIATE 3 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 5 – 1st year)
8. SENIOR 1 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 5 – 2nd Year)
9. SENIOR 2 TAP (Al Gilbert Grade 6)
10. ADVANCED 1 (Al Gilbert Grade 7)
11. ADVANCED 2 (Al Gilbert Grade 8)
12. ADVANCED 3 (Al Gilbert Grade 9)

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